Wines For the Wamer Months - Top Wine Tips for Australian Summer

Wines For the Wamer Months - Top Wine Tips for Australian Summer

Sweltering your way through Summer? It feels like it will never end and we daresay that the heat will probably extend through to May. Traditionally the best wines to drink for lazy hot days are whites, but follow our tips for drinking your favourite reds and whites through these heady, sweaty times.

One: Drinking Reds in Summer
There are plenty of red wines suitable for the warmer weather. Lighter styles such as Pinot Noir can be so deliciously perfect. We store our Foxtrot Pinot Noir 2016 Reserve in the fridge for about an hour before drinking. Chilling slightly just lifts the wine beautifully and the perfect pairing with some gourmet street taco Tuesdays by the pool!

Two: Did somebody say Rosé’?
Styles like Tempranillo, Grenache and Merlot can be drunk chilled for Summer.  We love our Tempranillo Rosé Hulah Hoop nicely chilled. It’s superb with Sunday BBQ’s.  Simply char grill octopus and serve up with a glass of Hulah Hoop. One of the recipes we go to time and time again is Crispy marinated baby octopus by Recipetineats It pairs perfectly with our Tempranillo Rosé with notes that are fresh and lively of watermelon, red apple and Turkish delight, light and crisp with a hint of ‘crunch’ on the finish. Everything we love in a modern Rosé.

Three: There is nothing quite like an Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc
The Adelaide Hills, South Australia is world renowned for producing some of the best in this varietal. Our award-winning winemaker, Pete Leske has crafted a stunning ‘Savvy’ for us, which we have delightfully named ‘Stompa’. You really can’t go past this one for quaffing pool side. So easy drinking and incredible chilled to the hilt on a scorcher of a day.

Four: Riesling is a refined soul made for Summertime dinner parties
Whilst our Stompa Sauvignon Blanc is a classic all-rounder made for the party goer, our Straw Boss Riesling likes to be chilled, admired and then savoured. Riesling is crisp and refreshingly delicate with a slightly reduced alcohol content making it our go-to Summer dining wine. This summer on rotation we have been pairing our Straw Boss Riesling with a Scallop, Bacon, Chive, and Parmesan Pizza. The flavours of this pizza are enhanced by this delicate wine with notes of pear, lychee and hints of honey and vanilla with a delicious dry and crisp finish.

Five:‘I Don’t usually like Chardonnay but this one is…’
When someone says they don’t usually drink Chardonnay we tell them they’re dreaming and hand a glass over of our Monarch. Oak aged with substance and class it is the seasonal all-rounder. Bring along a bottle of Chardonnay to your Summer Table but be sure not to over chill as it can mask the flavours. We love our Monarch - the Chardonnay convert.

Whatever your favourite this Summer be sure to hydrate and enjoy!


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