About Us

Téssera [TESS-air-uh]

From Ancient Greek τέσσαρες (téssares) Greek for the number 4: Four friends sharing a bottle of wine with the ethos ‘Because we all know there really are only four glasses in a bottle of wine!’


Tessera Wines started just how any great story begins, over a bottle (or two) of wine. Four friends with a dream and appreciation for a bloody good drop.

Our team at Tessera Wines are extremely passionate about creating exquisitely beautiful wines which dance not only on one’s palate, but the wine of choice that dances around the table at any occasion. Not only are we wine producers but we are storytellers and each wine deserves to have its story told.

Tessera Wines are a boutique wine producer sourcing grapes throughout the Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale regions. Each region brings its own uniquely diverse soil compositions and weather conditions perfect for growing quality grapes. We believe that great wine begins in the vineyard and are passionate about making premium quality wines that are true to the origin of the grape. Honouring the Greek influences of an original founder, but always staying true to our Australian home, we capture the essence of our beautiful landscape and its great grapes with incredible craftsmanship of our award winning winemakers. We are passionate about bringing great wines to your table, each bottle making connections, friend to friend, stranger to stranger, sharing stories, sharing life. What could be better?

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