About Us

Téssera [TESS-air-uh]

From Ancient Greek τέσσαρες (téssares) Greek for the number 4: Four friends sharing a bottle of wine with the ethos ‘Because we all know there really are only four glasses in a bottle of wine!’


Téssera Wines are a boutique wine producer sourcing grapes throughout the Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale, South Australia regions, but are a Brisbane Based Wine Label. Our ethos is to bring the beauty of South Australia to Brisbane, making our wines accessible to Brisbane and surrounds.

Téssera Wines started just how any great story begins, over a bottle (or two) of wine. Four friends with a dream and appreciation for a bloody good drop.

We are small Australia family business and our team at Téssera Wines are extremely passionate about creating exquisitely beautiful wines which dance not only on one’s palate, but the wine of choice that dances around the table at any occasion. Not only are we wine producers but we are storytellers and each wine deserves to have its story told.

We pride ourselves on producing exceptional wines that are true to each region of South Australia. Each region brings its own uniquely diverse soil compositions and weather conditions perfect for growing quality grapes. We believe that great wine begins in the vineyard and are passionate about making premium quality wines that are true to the origin of the grape.

Honouring the Greek influences of an original founder, but always staying true to our Australian home, we capture the essence of our beautiful landscape and its great grapes with incredible craftsmanship of our award winning winemakers. We are passionate about bringing great wines to your table, each bottle making connections, friend to friend, stranger to stranger, sharing stories, sharing life. What could be better?

  • Jen Venardos - Founder & Wholesale Manager

    Growing up in country South Australia with a background in Organic Farming and an ingrained love for the land and countryside, Jen's passion for a career in wine started as an intern with iconic brand Penfolds Wines. Years later and after raising two kids, Jen
    learned the basics of vineyard management under the guidance of viticulturist brother Chris on the family farm.  In 2015 their first wine, a Shiraz (Chaste) was produced. Jen always finds an interesting story to tell about each vintage nuance and how it affects the end bottled product believing that decent wine begins in the vineyard. In her downtime you can find Jen on the yoga mat, cooking up a storm, singing with the JJJ band, spending time with family or planning for the next travel adventure with husband Pete! Jen’s passion for wine and community is the perfect blend and true essence of Tessera.

  • Pete Venardos – Founder & Wine Experience Manager

    Meet Pete: A Wine Enthusiast with a Zest for Life and the Great Outdoors

    Together with his wife Jen, Pete brings a deep appreciation for South Australia and a passion for developing high-quality wines. Pete's hands-on experience working in vineyards is extensive – from taking Baume samples to hand-picking grapes through the night, he understands the hard work that goes into producing quality grapes every year. When he's notenjoying a glass of red wine with friends, he can be found exploring his love for motorbikes, hiking, and spending quality time with his family in the great outdoors. With his Greek heritage and great taste for food and wine, Pete always has a story or joke to share, and his charismatic personality makes him a valuable asset to our team.

  • James Beck – Owner & Operations Manager

    Meet James: A Wine Connoisseur and Business Expert at Téssera Wines. Having enjoyed wine around the world from his 30 years of Corporate travel, James brings a wealth of business expertise and wine aficionado to Téssera Wines. He works closely with our growers and winemakers to produce high-quality wines every season, while also ensuring that the logistical background of the business runs seamlessly. You can easily spot James at any of our gatherings or tastings with his brightly coloured shirts, and he is always happy to help out.

  • Jane Beck – Owner & Wine Taster/Foodie

    Meet Jane - Our Beloved "Domestic Goddess" and Wine Connoisseur
    Jane is the ultimate foodie and wine taster, earning her the cherished nickname of "Domestic Goddess" from those closest to her. Although not a professional sommelier, she has an expert palate and is always entertaining guests in her home with her outstanding cuisine and perfectly paired wines. As a valued member of our Téssera Wines family, Jane provides expert pairing suggestions for our wines. She is married to James, mother to Alicia, and a lifelong friend of the Venardos family.

  • Alicia Mackie – Brand Identity & Marketing Manager

    Meet Alicia: Our Passionate Marketing Expert
    With over 15 years of experience working in her family's consultancy business, she brings a fresh perspective to our marketing and client communications. Alicia's love of gourmet cuisine and wine is only surpassed by her dedication to bringing the true essence of the Téssera brand to life. As our marketing guru, you’ll often see Alicia’s bubbly personality on
    Instagram reels and can be found at our events and tastings, adding her lively energy to the room and telling the stories of our wine label. When she's not busy working, Alicia loves spending time with her husband, young children and labradoodle, exploring new restaurants and enjoying the company of her loved

  • Cameron Beck – Cellar Door Hand & Tasting Crew

    Meet Cam: A Passionate Cellar Hand and Wine Enthusiast.
    With over 15 years of experience working within his own family business and continuing to climb the corporate ladder, Cameron’s love for wine has blossomed with age and his involvement in the family wine label. Son of Jane and James, and Brother to Alicia, Cameron will often be seen at our tastings and events as that young handsome cellar hand, being a wealth of knowledge and sharing his passion for Téssera.