What is the best wine for beginners?

What is the best wine for beginners?

With what seems like an endless list of varietals to choose from it can all be just so confusing if you are new to wine tasting. First of all, congratulations on taking the deep dive into this wonderful world of wine!  We are here to hold your hand and take you through some simple varietals to start with. We suggest referring back to our ‘Developing Your Palate’ post for hints and tips that will help build your wine varietal repertoire and palate.

Sauvignon Blanc is usually quite light bodied with subtle herbaceous aromas. It also is a no brainer with food pairing - just think lighter style foods like chicken, fish, pork and green vegetables.

We suggest our Adelaide Hills Téssera Wines ‘Stompa’ Sauvignon Blanc as it is crisp, dry and very easy drinking for those starting out and discovering this delicious style.

Chardonnay in contrast to the Sauvignon Blanc can be full bodied and either oaked or un-oaked. With its buttery aromas, tropical fruits and citrus it’s ideal paired with Lobster, prawns or scallops and is also a very versatile wine for drinking in Summer or Winter.

We suggest our Adelaide Hills ‘Monarch’ Chardonnay for its moderate acidity and tropical fruits and honey on the nose. This is an amiable and enjoyable wine for the first timers to the style.

Pinot Noir is a light bodied red making it not so bold for a beginners foray into reds.  Pinot is generally earthy with notes of raspberry and cherry. It goes really well with meats like pork, chicken and duck, or dazzle guests with a simple roasted mushroom and goat cheese dish.

We suggest our Adelaide Hills ‘Foxtrot’ Pinot Noir 2016 Reserve with its velvety tannins. Drinking superbly now and awarded 93 points in the 2023 Halliday Wine Companion.

Cabernet is a bolder wine and usually medium to fuller bodied. This varietal is the perfect curtain raiser intro into gutsier reds.  With notes of plum, black pepper and leather, Cabernet is food pairing heaven with simple fare such as Steak, Ribs or Burgers.

We suggest our McLaren Vale ‘Middle Child’ Cabernet Sauvignon. Stored in oak for a minimum of 24 months, there is a smoothness to the palate with medium tannin and a long finish that will have you schmacking those lips and wondering where it has been for so long?

By giving these beginner varietal suggestions a try, you will start to work out which wines you like the best and feel encouraged to then try something else new - dare we say a Shiraz??

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