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Tessera Wines

Monarch Chardonnay 2022 *New Release*

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Halliday Wine Companion - Tessera Wines rates 4 stars with our wines scoring up to 93 points!  Riding on the tail of this success we are thrilled to present to you our Monarch Chardonnay - French Oak Barrique aged.

‘Every year the Monarch is reborn, emerging in all their splendor.’

The Wine
appearance: light straw
nose: lifted floral, apple and honey
taste: moderate acidity, pineapple, citrus, toasted cashew with a buttery finish balanced natural acidity with good length and stable oak nuances not your average chardonnay and sure to wow the palate

Our Chardonnay is not your normal Chardonnay. If we had a $1 for every time someone said, ‘Oh I don’t normally drink Chardonnay, but this one is something different…’

Vineyard + Winemaking
Single vineyard
Adelaide Hills
Winemaker - Peter Leske, AVSO Winemaker of the year 2020

Elegant and medium bodied Chardonnay. Handpicked fruit. Stored in premium Oak Hogsheads for 11 months. Another exceptional vintage on the back of one of the best ever in 2021. A wet start to the season with decent rainfall in winter and full soil moisture profiles in spring. Solid yields and great quality. Adelaide Hills experienced a very dry and mild summer, leading to a long ripening period for flavour development while maintaining great natural acidity.

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Monarch Chardonnay 2021