What is a Single Vineyard wine & why is it so special?

What is a Single Vineyard wine & why is it so special?

A simple explanation to what is a Single Vineyard wine is that the wines come from grapes grown on the same plot in a vineyard, which is not surprising.  Our Téssera Wines are (with the exception of our Good Oil blend – Shiraz vineyard Blewitt Springs and Cabernet Sauvignon - McLaren Vale McMurtrie vineyard) all single vineyard crafted wines. We are immensely proud of this, but why, and what makes them so special and ultimately better?

It may surprise you to find that generally most wines are a blend of multiple vineyards. Those of us who love our wines would have most definitely had a bottle of wine made from a blending of two, three or more vineyards. I’m not saying that most weren’t decent, but what it is it that makes a Single Vineyard wine so special and arguably, better?

A single vineyard produces a wine that needs no help. Soil, sun exposure and access to water are perfectly balanced. The wines produced are literally a snapshot of a specific time and place and expression of a given location, so when you drink them, you are literally transported via your palate to the vineyard!

Single Vineyard wines offer enthusiasts an opportunity to explore unique and individual expressions of a vineyard, focusing on nuances and characteristics that come from a specific plot of land. This provides fascinating insights into the intricate relationship between vine, terroir (earth, soil, location) the winemaker and finished bottled product.

Are single vineyard wines better?  The wine industry believes so, but why?

The craftsmanship of producing single vineyard wine requires a high level of skill and attention to detail. Our winemakers carefully monitor techniques to bring out the best qualities in grapes from our vineyard partners. Not only are we proud to supply you with a single vineyard product, but also from grapes handpicked and transport mere minutes to the winery keeping quality control to an exceptionally high level.

Single Vineyard wines logically produce smaller quantities compared to wines made from multiple plots in different locations. Limited production brings a sense of exclusivity and rarity, making the wines highly sought after by enthusiasts and collectors.

Wine ageing and cellar potential is elevated by Single Vineyard wines due to the focus on vineyard terroir and quality grapes, making the wines in turn evolve and improve nicely with time.

Ultimately understanding the history of a place in the wine brings with it a sense of security in the knowledge that you know exactly where this wine is from. There are no shortcuts or grey areas.  When you pour that glass of our McLaren Vale Shiraz, or sip on our Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir, you know exactly what you are getting.  Let our wines transport you to the vineyard.

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